Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blender: Tricks of the trade #1

Whether you are a Blender mastermind, or your just learning blender, you will enjoy this post. Here is a list of different blender tricks that some people don't know about. Some of these are useful, and some are just fun, so i suggest you try them for yourself. :)

I will try to post different Blender tricks about once a week. If you subscribe or just read regularly, you can really master the "Art" of Blender.

1.Camera Fly Mode
Enter blender and hit Shift-f. Watch what happens. Blender has a built in "Flight Simulator!" Well, not really, but camera fly mode is kind of cool. You can use your mouse wheel and mouse to aim your camera and move around. It can be useful when animating or positioning the camera, but hey, you have to admit, it's pretty fun. ;)

2. Zoom In/Track The Camera
While in Camera View (NUM 0) select the camera, and push "G" then "ZZ" (Press z twice). This will let you grab the camera on the local "z" axis. You can also do this for the y and x axis to rotate the camera. If you play around with it, it can become really useful when positioning the camera.

That's it for today. Come back later for more blender tips. Thanks!